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Children are people, our future, and should know they are valued. We believe helping children in their difficult situations can improve their confidence and self esteem, letting them know people care. We strive to help children know their self-worth and create self-love to become the incredible adults they are meant to be.We want to keep children from becoming just another statistic.


Children should know all the possibilities of becoming whatever they want in life. By offering to give them the ability to achieve their dreams, we are giving them the building blocks needed to be successful in life and letting them know people care about who they are and believe in who they can become.


 KDM aspires to help children any way we can, in large groups or one child at a time. Children should be able to rise to any height and become whomever they want when they grow up without hesitancy or road blocks. No matter their financial position or physical barrier, they want to be like their peers and have the same things and same opportunities others around them might have and we want to make sure that happens.  If they can dream it, they should be it.


BusyKid isn’t just a chore app. It’s an advanced financial system where children can easily earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance from the palm of their hand. Don’t you wish you had this as a kid?


Thank you for your support!